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Short question
Bernd G.
31 out. 2012, 06:06

Hello from Bremen / Germany,

I've rarely seen a homepage as billiant as yours!

Still I have got a question: I'm planning do do the trail in the middle of April. When do I have to make the reservation (4 days trek). Is it too late, when I do it early in February?

I thank you for your answer in advance.


Re: Short question
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31 out. 2012, 09:32

Dear Bernd,

Thank you for your email and for your nice comments.

Reservations for the 2013-season will open in January, as usual. We always recommend to book as soon as you have a final date because we never know in advance how fast spaces will be sold out. For April, they are usually sold out in January. Another possibility is to check how availability goes in January and book as soon as you see spaces are being sold out.

If you want to be sure to have your space, you can make a pre-reservation with a 40% down payment. Then when the new season opens you will be among the first to get your entrance after paying the balance. There are several advantages: you keep the 2012 price even if it rises next year, you can change the date until the season opens, etc. Please check this page for more details:

Should you need anything else, feel free to contact us again.

PS: If you still want us to call you back, please let us know.

Best regards,

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