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Última atualização: 27 julho 2022

Machu Picchu Circuits


Following the pandemic, the Peruvian government has set up 5 circuits for the visit of Machu Picchu. These circuits are one way only, starting at the main entrance. Some types of tickets impose a particular circuit, others leave the choice to the visitor. In this case, the choice is to be made when entering the site. Some people will prefer Circuit to see everything of Machu Picchu, while others, for example families with small children, will prefer Circuit .

Please notice that only the circuits , and go by the Gardian's House, where you will have the famous point of view of the whole Citadel.

  Circuit Machu Other visited site Total duration
Ticket Machu only - 4 hours
Ticket Machu + Wayna Wayna Picchu 4 hours
Ticket Machu + Mountain Machu Mountain 4 hours
Ticket Machu + Huchuy Huchuy Picchu 4 hours
Ticket Machu + Puente Puente Inca 4 hours
Ticket Machu VIP - 1 hour and half
2-Day Inca Trail trek - 1 hour and half
4-Day Inca Trail trek - 1 hour and half
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